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Glide Writing

In my Writing for Extra Terrestrials class today, we utilized Glide Writing which is a way to use symbols which have mulitple meanings that one may also morph together and animate as well. I wanted to share because it is … Continue reading

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A Good Note

No More Shakespeare Abstracts. No More Shakespeare Movie Reivews. Also, just realized that Office and Scrubs appear online so I don’t have to worry about missing them. So I am watching them currently. Then back to reading Shakespeare articles. … Continue reading

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A fan frenzied blog…

OK. This has no relation at all to English but I guess in a sense everything could relate to literary theory anyways… So I’m pretty stoked about new Office and new Scrubs. Probably the only weird enough person to drive … Continue reading

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A Fine Frenzy…Shakespeare relation…

Last night went to A Fine Frenzy with my friends Katie and Ashlee in Denver. If you haven’t heard Alison Sudol, it is a must. This is her first headliner tour. She is beautiful, so nice, talkative, has a sense … Continue reading

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