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ET Writing Class reported

Here are several links concerning my ET writing class that people might want to look at. Was my favorite class. Unfortunately, I am not featured so talked into a microphone very nervously for nothing. Oh well. Actually a reference to … Continue reading

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One Week Until Graduation…a few couplets as I procrastinate

  The number of weeks until graduation is now just one I will be so glad when all of my tests and papers are done On Friday my greatest loved ones will come Perhaps I’ll celebrate with some Malibu and … Continue reading

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Final ET Writing Portfolio…My Favorite Class

Final Writing Portfolio – 5/2/2008 Humans and their Masks Dear E.T., I need to make a confession about my species. Humans lie. A lie is a statement or allusion to something untrue that is meant to deceive someone. A primary … Continue reading

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Fantasy and Religion Final Project

Ashley Moltzan English 4600 Susan Aronstein 5-1-2008 Recovery Power of Spirited Away Many works of Japanese animation – anime – contain fantastical elements and often contain a primary and secondary world within. Thinking of anime that I merely own, I … Continue reading

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