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Perspective is important when determining whether something you believe is within the realm of your own world.

Vague sentences aside, this post aims to establish something concrete in the abstract mass of ethereal thoughts that exist within my mind. In a sense, I suppose I aim to nail something down in a sea which has no nails nor material to nail anything to. Hence, it may be rant-y, confusing, and/or presumptuous.

Baring that in mind, continue if you dare.


The belief there is no imaginary being watching over us, guiding us, and overall trying to teach us to be better people–as defined by an ancient text which is mostly irrelevant now. “Thou shalt not kill.” Except for heathens who question the word of the Lord, amen. Drivel written by what I imagine could be considered stoners now. Then perpetuated by the endless incestuous kingdoms to be a ruling factor in the world. Since democracy (or what we’d like to call democracy) has taken hold, the power of religion has waned, but it’s influence is still irritatingly present.

Don’t get me wrong. Religion has its uses. I can see the effect of it on those who have lost their path, lost their way (as they define) in life. Religion can provide a meaning for them, a raison d’etre. Without meaning to their life, they either end it or wander aimlessly. But than religion also creates sheep. Sheep who willingly follow the flock without question.

Atheism is then, in a sense, an awakening. Well, to a degree. Atheism still has its sheep. But fewer sheep. I’d imagine that most atheists are more capable of understanding the reason they are here. They can understand the world around them–at least what they can perceive of the world around them. In a sense, they are more attuned to the nuances of the world. It’s easier to spot the bullshit when you aren’t being fed it every sermon.

But again, that doesn’t mean atheism is devoid of sheep. Sheep are in a sense like a parasite, latching on the closest thing that seems to know what it’s doing.

We’re all followers to some degree. Some of us more so than others. Some let the world rush by them, but still, they have to make the trip to the next destination. Or do they?

I suppose I could view that as some form of religion. We’re all walking a path and our destination is more or less our death. How we end up there is irrelevant. What we do along the way is also irrelevant. It’s the fact we’re walking that we could consider it some degree of “guidance” from some altruistic “presence.” Does that mean I’m not an atheist? I’m not sure.

I’ve never really sat down and looked at it. I honestly didn’t care. I suppose in that regard, I should say that the higher power I believe in–if you can call it that: “belief”–would be none other than apathy. We’re all it’s bitch. It guides us down the path of least resistance. I guess it could be considered a god.

Perhaps it’s not just apathy. If you believe in nothing (which apathy is to a degree), you could be considered a nihilist. There is nothing there aside from what is here. That is all there is, that is all there will ever be. It sounds depressing. But hey, who isn’t depressed? You’re just a pill away.. uh, moving on.

I suppose I got started on this rant because I was talking to Ashley about maybe attending the Reason Rally. It’s a big, first time atheist gathering in Washington D.C. and is looking to be interesting. I have no idea who any of the speakers are nor what they would actually talk about, but I should probably get out of the house and see exactly what others “believe” in. What sort of world do they see when they open their eyes? I suppose just by the name they’d be talking about reason, one of the guiding principles of the universe and what not. We’d basically talk about what it means to be free of the chain of religion and able to express our idealism–should one exist–in a pleasant and non-violent manner.

Assuming they don’t get picketed by Christians or what have you.

On that note, I found via a myriad of links I don’t want to bother looking back up my way to an atheist blog which apparently found someone pretending to be god (of whichever fill in the blank denomination). I had a thought while reading through the questions he had asked this person–mostly about the hypocrisy inherent in religion–about what I would ask this person or god (should “it” exist).

I would ask why I have diabetes and being the over-thinker I was, formulated what their response would be. “To make you stronger.” Okay, baring the obvious error there–diabetes more or less fucks your kidneys after a while–I would question what exactly about that would have made me stronger. Personality? I suppose I am slightly more resilient than others (that I’ve met). Mind? I’m sure I’d be this way without it. But I wouldn’t respond with that, no. I’d instead ask “If modern medicine didn’t possess the capability to at least allow me to live, how would killing me make me stronger?” (in regards to insulin and treatment therapies).

It’s just like that though. The diseases and conditions which would otherwise kill us have been thwarted–at least temporarily–by modern medicine. Isn’t knowledge a sin? (At least in the Bible it is)

So does that mean [that version of] God wants us to die sooner? Strange, you’d think the design would have been more well thought out than that.

Life has many interesting twists to it. Our capability and reason allow us to handle these turns and disasters without leaving too much behind. Religion, though, seems to attempt to reverse that. “Ignorance is bliss.” I suppose that’s true. When you truly understand everything, would you be happy or miserable? Me? I’m not sure. I don’t know what I’d do with all that knowledge. But then I suppose there’s such a thing as balance. The amount of sorrow in the world should equal the amount of happiness, right? Or perhaps that’s wrong. Perhaps there’s no such thing as sorrow.. just a lack of happiness. Happiness is something you make and only you can make it.

That sounds far to optimistic. I’d go back and change it but the apathy has set in and I really don’t care. This blog will disappear into nothingness that surrounds us, anyway. Right?

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