The Story of Words

I have an idea. I’m not entirely sure how it’ll play out or if I’ll gain enough motivation to work it, but the idea is still interesting.

I suppose it’s inspired by kinetic typography. The idea is to use words as the environment, like a twisted American McGee style universe. The words would form the environment, but the characters and required interact-able objects would be cell shaded.

I’m not sure my skills are yet up to par with what would be required for this project, but the idea is there. I think Ashley would like it and I’m tempted to ask James to use some of his twisted perspective to write for it. Of course that would also require him to ask Ashley to proof read it, since his current (and only) blog entry is appalling in terms of grammar and spelling.

  1. Here is an example my graphic designer from The University of Wyoming did for one of her classes before she graduated.

  2. please insert the word “friend” after “graphic designer” for I don’t have a personal graphic designer.

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