Structure. A pattern to behavior and design. A method. A function.

What are we? Results of a structure. We grow up (mostly) living in one. We follow one when we go about our day. We are simply parts of a structure.

What would we be without that structure? What would we do if we didn’t have some guiding line giving us a “what next”? Are we really that rigid?

When we are kids the first thing we learn is how to mimic. We watch others and try to mimic their behavior. Through this, we learn how to communicate and how to interact. Eventually, we go to school. There we knowledge that is also structured. Everything we deal with between then and now always has some format to it. Always has some structure to it.

We are victims of structure. We are patterns. Perhaps in the words of The Big O, we are all just.. tomatoes–results of a system designed to assign a place. But in regards to that, people naturally fell into the roles that they felt suited them. Does that mean we are all part of a structure without realizing it? We are all unique–to an extent–so does that mean there’s something that tells us what we need to do?

Some would say “god” is that structure. Some would say the “divine karma of the universe” guides us. Perhaps. Perhaps it’s just instinct. But what creates instinct? What causes life to have a pattern?

Maybe it’s just the design of the universe. Perhaps we’re all just following the flow of the cosmic radiation as it travels out. Perhaps we’re all just riding along and finding something to do in the mean time.

If that’s the case, why would we try to limit what others can do? Do we really need to have more structure in our lives? Sure, it’s given us longevity, technology, and understanding. But do we need that? Do we need to live longer? In case you haven’t noticed, this world is filling up rather quickly.The early days of human life must have been interesting. Since we don’t really know what occurred with individuals before the formation of “tribes” that’s a difficult question to answer. But people started grouping together, forming tribes. Much akin to animals and their packs.

There’s that instinct again.

The rhetoric of this is an interesting paradigm. Here I am, using a myriad of structures to talk about a fundamental structure. A victim? Perhaps not. Perhaps we’re all just adapting to what we have. Perhaps it’s just.. instinct.

Is instinct a structure? Is life calculated?

What are we really? Humans? A dream of some celestial being? Maybe we’re all just dreams.. maybe I’m dreaming..

Or maybe I’m just ranting. Music does interesting things to a thought process and my mood keeps changing due to the variety of songs on this current playlist. Ergo, I’m bouncing between states of mind.

Anyway, enough of that tangent. Back to structures. Programming makes use of structures to group things, to define limits. Limits. A structure has limitations. Life has limitations.

That is what defines us, isn’t it? Our limitations? We can’t be everything. Or can we? Perhaps the only limitation we all have is that we think we are limited. Perhaps we all just need to realize we can do more than we think.

  1. I watched The Big O about ten years ago on Adult Swim. I didn’t think anyone watched that show. I enjoyed it a lot at the time although I don’t remember a lot from it now. Life is structured because we are cogs in the machine, for the greater oligarchy. We can escape it and be hermits and live off the grid. Also school doesn’t have to be structured. Could have an awesome approach with unschooling … an article I read at work months ago: Structure is probably important in school to get people ready for the workplace and be parts of the wheel. But it doesn’t have to be. Unschooling and other theories I have read about probably brings more innovation than anything else.

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