Monthly Archives: September 2013

Oh, hello!

So I’ve been somewhat busy doing something?

Actually, hah. Essentially I am still around, just been busy doing nothing. Seems I’ve gotten addicted to Tumblr recently. Been Role-Playing. I’d link it but, it’s not exactly work-safe. (Then again, neither is this blog)

I’ve been watching Youtube Let’s Plays. Considering doing my own, but unsure if I want to. Not sure I’d be good at commentating.

In other news, I’ve been slowly working on a C# programming project. The idea is that I combine ideas from a few existing (Mostly “smut” text-based flash games) games and make a semi-unique experience. I’ve been dragging on it, though, seemingly rebuilding parts of it from scratch as I go.

Oh! Birthday in 2 days (As of the date of this post: 2013-09-15). I ordered a new camera to both act as a gift to myself and also because I’ve been asked by my nephew to take his senior photos. The new camera will replace my existing Konica Minolta DiMage Z6. I’ll be getting a Sony Alpha SLT-A58. My previous experience with Sony products is.. iffy at best. But I’m confident that it’ll definitely be a great upgrade.

We’ll see, at least.