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Almost a year without an update.

I’m pretty much the same. No surprise there, huh?

Have been considering getting A+ / Network+ certification and applying for some tech jobs, but not sure. I do like the night life.

Still alive.

And believe me, I am still alive.

I’m not doing science, tragically, though. I am more or less being as lazy as humanly possible. I’ve had a few ideas but have yet to have the motivation to act on them. I suppose in that sense, I’m a bit overwhelmed by depressing, seeking easier forms of gratification rather than ones that require longer investments.

Although, I will admit, I’d like to invest some time into a project. However, it tends that when I do, I go overboard, thinking of solutions and variations to the code that hinder the progress. “Build the fail” seems to be the ideal in the industry, but I can’t seem to get to the “build” part at all.

I may invest some time checking into pre-existing engines instead of trying to build my own. Things like Unity and such. They seem to build some interesting games–hell, I’ve been playing a lot of Rimworld.. well, less “playing” and more building a secure facility then letting the pawns idle–lately, while feeling a bit of a drive to “make my own.”

But making a game is a hell of a lot harder than playing one. It’s a bit discouraging, really. You start on an ideal then realize there’s only another few thousand lines of code to write.. and motivation drops.

I’d like to have someone to encourage me, but I apparently am terrible at relationships. Still single. At least I think this last one left me due to their own reasons.. still kind of confused by it, in fact.

Oh well, enough about my idle life. I hope those who read this are having an interesting and proactive life.

Oh, hello!

So I’ve been somewhat busy doing something?

Actually, hah. Essentially I am still around, just been busy doing nothing. Seems I’ve gotten addicted to Tumblr recently. Been Role-Playing. I’d link it but, it’s not exactly work-safe. (Then again, neither is this blog)

I’ve been watching Youtube Let’s Plays. Considering doing my own, but unsure if I want to. Not sure I’d be good at commentating.

In other news, I’ve been slowly working on a C# programming project. The idea is that I combine ideas from a few existing (Mostly “smut” text-based flash games) games and make a semi-unique experience. I’ve been dragging on it, though, seemingly rebuilding parts of it from scratch as I go.

Oh! Birthday in 2 days (As of the date of this post: 2013-09-15). I ordered a new camera to both act as a gift to myself and also because I’ve been asked by my nephew to take his senior photos. The new camera will replace my existing Konica Minolta DiMage Z6. I’ll be getting a Sony Alpha SLT-A58. My previous experience with Sony products is.. iffy at best. But I’m confident that it’ll definitely be a great upgrade.

We’ll see, at least.

Just one more block…

So I haven’t updated in a while. Last post was December of 2011. It’s now March so I figured I should probably stop by and say what I’ve been up to.

For the most part, nothing much. I’ve been playing a few different games, such as Dungeon Defenders and Minecraft (modded, of course–BuildCraft [and related add-ons to it], IndustrialCraft [and related add-ons], RedPower, and so on / also trying Tekkit). I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at a Let’s Play… but unsure if I’d be able to find someone to either play with and record with or have enough to talk about solo that my episodes have content.

As far as Old Republic goes, I kinda hit a dead point with it. I sorta capped out on level then lost interest. Hopefully during my visit to Reason Rally and then James & Ashley I’ll get back into it, but who knows?

I’ll be updating my blogroll once the new user gets around to posting.

Oh and my Mass Effect 3 copy was delayed shipping from Amazon and missed the release date shipping so I won’t get it until this Wednesday. USPS, why are you so slow?


Structure. A pattern to behavior and design. A method. A function.

What are we? Results of a structure. We grow up (mostly) living in one. We follow one when we go about our day. We are simply parts of a structure.

What would we be without that structure? What would we do if we didn’t have some guiding line giving us a “what next”? Are we really that rigid?

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The skies over Xion

Perspective is important when determining whether something you believe is within the realm of your own world.

Vague sentences aside, this post aims to establish something concrete in the abstract mass of ethereal thoughts that exist within my mind. In a sense, I suppose I aim to nail something down in a sea which has no nails nor material to nail anything to. Hence, it may be rant-y, confusing, and/or presumptuous.

Baring that in mind, continue if you dare.

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Ions and Revelations

I’ve been considering setting up an affiliate account with Amazon and/or Newegg in order to potentially generate some income from this site but then again I’m unsure I would generate enough referrals to actually sell anything. I suppose I could write various small reviews about some of the stuff I buy since I always seem to be getting something new. But that involves reviewing it. Bleh.

Amazon does have a lot of stuff though. Absurdly large amounts of stuff. I could even refer things such as MP3 albums. I’m not sure how much of a commission I could get from doing so, much less how many of my… 2 readers would actually follow the link and purchase.

But now that I said that, them doing so would potentially lead to “click fraud” sorts of issues. Especially since they, well, have hosted blogs on my site.

Speaking of the site, I was planning on redoing it in order to fit affiliate functionality into it better. I suppose I should probably get rid of the Draeblood skin as demon draenei boobies aren’t exactly PG material. And I’d assume that’d be something they would check on. I guess I’m not entirely too certain on that, though.

I had ads once. I used Google AdWords. Nice because they were text links and basically would pull analytical data about the subject on the page then match ads to them. The downside is I often would click the links myself. Which is entirely against the terms of use. I fried myself there by doing that. =/

I recently found another site that would track people you send to shopping sites. It’d essentially follow them all the way to check out–somehow. Then they’d give you a small commission based on if they complete a purchase or not. Gaining insight into the shopping habits of people, I suppose. Again, that requires me to link stuff.

Or I could just leave the site as is. I do kind of want to redo it again but lack the motivation to start. I had drawn up a rough draft of what I thought might look good, but couldn’t really get it to feel “complete.” It felt like it was lacking something.

I had the idea of playing off an idea I had floating around. I keep making scenarios regarding a society by the name of Xion. (Matrix blah blah blah) I would essentially play on that by making the logo similar to an atom with XN in the middle. Then by learning flash skills, make the links to the pages electrons that float around the XN as if it were an ion. Then hovering over would snap them into place and allow you to click. It’s an idea, at least.

Joy of Revision

As we develop technology and ideas, we occasionally go back to review what we’ve done. We make changes and learn a little more in doing so. Without this process, we wouldn’t have patches or content updates to programs. We’d have simple, buggy software.

But we don’t live in that world. We go back. We find mistakes. We learn. We make better. We release new products after we revise what we’ve learned and done.

This is a standard process. This is something we all do.

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It’s always interesting to see how others view the world around them. I would define myself as a relativist.. essentially the world you perceive is unique to you–the knowledge you have is in a way tailored to better fit the method you use to store and recall it. In a sense, I view things as they are relative to the rest of the world. I define words in a way in my own mind that surely differs from the way other people define words in their own minds.

The commonly held idea that a color is a certain color is such an example. Unless you were able to view inside someone’s mind at the moment they pulled up the definition of, say, the color red, who knows if what they see as red is *actually* red. They may have some sort of optical stigmata and are actually seeing a different color but because they defined it as red because it was taught as red, they call it red.

In that mindset, this post looks to analyze how others view the world and perhaps make conjectures as to what may actually be reality. (Or just a.. ranting of a madman)

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Digital Dust

Okay so this was actually inspired by Ashley. I received a thank you card for the gift I gave James for their wedding. (It’s what they wanted, so I went with it)

But in the discussion after I messaged her saying I got it, she asked if I knew how to read cursive. I did and remarked that cursive isn’t as widely used as it once was–in fact they don’t teach it in schools any more. Anyway, it brings up an interesting subject and figured it’d be a good opportunity to post about it.
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