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Still alive.

And believe me, I am still alive.

I’m not doing science, tragically, though. I am more or less being as lazy as humanly possible. I’ve had a few ideas but have yet to have the motivation to act on them. I suppose in that sense, I’m a bit overwhelmed by depressing, seeking easier forms of gratification rather than ones that require longer investments.

Although, I will admit, I’d like to invest some time into a project. However, it tends that when I do, I go overboard, thinking of solutions and variations to the code that hinder the progress. “Build the fail” seems to be the ideal in the industry, but I can’t seem to get to the “build” part at all.

I may invest some time checking into pre-existing engines instead of trying to build my own. Things like Unity and such. They seem to build some interesting games–hell, I’ve been playing a lot of Rimworld.. well, less “playing” and more building a secure facility then letting the pawns idle–lately, while feeling a bit of a drive to “make my own.”

But making a game is a hell of a lot harder than playing one. It’s a bit discouraging, really. You start on an ideal then realize there’s only another few thousand lines of code to write.. and motivation drops.

I’d like to have someone to encourage me, but I apparently am terrible at relationships. Still single. At least I think this last one left me due to their own reasons.. still kind of confused by it, in fact.

Oh well, enough about my idle life. I hope those who read this are having an interesting and proactive life.

The Story of Words

I have an idea. I’m not entirely sure how it’ll play out or if I’ll gain enough motivation to work it, but the idea is still interesting.

I suppose it’s inspired by kinetic typography. The idea is to use words as the environment, like a twisted American McGee style universe. The words would form the environment, but the characters and required interact-able objects would be cell shaded.

I’m not sure my skills are yet up to par with what would be required for this project, but the idea is there. I think Ashley would like it and I’m tempted to ask James to use some of his twisted perspective to write for it. Of course that would also require him to ask Ashley to proof read it, since his current (and only) blog entry is appalling in terms of grammar and spelling.

Joy of Revision

As we develop technology and ideas, we occasionally go back to review what we’ve done. We make changes and learn a little more in doing so. Without this process, we wouldn’t have patches or content updates to programs. We’d have simple, buggy software.

But we don’t live in that world. We go back. We find mistakes. We learn. We make better. We release new products after we revise what we’ve learned and done.

This is a standard process. This is something we all do.

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So I got bored

.. and decided to post a new blog about nothing.

Actually, I was reading some of my blogs from the past. It’s interesting to see how I’ve changed (and how I haven’t). In a way, I suppose it’s interesting to know where we came from. …and where we are going.

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The earth, it screams for me.
Dig deeper, find that ore.
What ho! I found treasure.
Oh dire, indeed. Death by lava.

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Re-mazed V2

Okay… so last time I mentioned I was recoding my maze generator.

Well, I went and redid it.. again. I really seem to be unable to keep my mind in order.

Anyway, let’s take a look:

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I’m enrolled in online college for Game Development. More or less means that I get to study how to make games from their initial concept and design to the code and deployment. Management classes/team work classes are just as much of a cog in the system as the programming classes.

But, despite that, I’m definitely more interested in the programming.

This semester I’m in a 2D Game programming class. We’re taking the first leap into DirectX development and will end up making a fully functional game. With my apparent infatuation with mazes, I decided to make a top-down adventure style game with random mazes in them. Ergo, more mazes.

We’re not using C# like we were last semester, however. We’re back to the core C++ development. I decided to rewrite my code, once again.

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A while ago, I posted about a Maze generating program I had written. I initially wrote it in PHP, then moved it into C++ for a programming class assignment (but reduced the scale so it could be used as a “game” of sorts), then scaled it up and used the free CImg library to generate images with it. Recently, with my work with C#, I planned to rewrite it, yet again, as an interactive game of sorts. I’ve gotten some of it working so far, but there’s still a few issues I have to resolve.

But for now, let’s take a look at *how* we can generate a maze…

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In an attempt to do something other than complain about how lazy I am, how about instead I depart some knowledge and attempt to learn more about programming concepts by explaining them? Sounds like fun, right?

Anyway, I’m currently in a class for college that revolves around C#. We’re doing a variety of things, including GUI design and such. Thus far I’ve learned a variety of things and figured I might try to share some of them.

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aMazed.. or something.

So I finally got around to debugging and figuring out the issues I had with my maze algorithm and successfully created one.

Initial output was created with a lot of <div> tags. I don’t really recommend doing that though, since I ended up crashing Firefox a few times.

Maze Phase 1.

I went ahead and coded the image format next. Pretty simple code, really. I mainly was using the <div> option due to issues with variables and debugging.

Maze Phase 2.

Then I decided I should do something fancy with it. So I went ahead and did the whole shebang.. you know, colored gradient for the lines, auto-centered background image.. the works.

Maze Phase 3.

Finally, the script. I commented on the initial variables. I should warn you though:


Maze Generator Script (Source)

The outputs you have seen are off my own private server (a simple LAMP install).

Now I find other odd-ball scripts to write.. Whee…!