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The earth, it screams for me.
Dig deeper, find that ore.
What ho! I found treasure.
Oh dire, indeed. Death by lava.

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Re-mazed V2

Okay… so last time I mentioned I was recoding my maze generator.

Well, I went and redid it.. again. I really seem to be unable to keep my mind in order.

Anyway, let’s take a look:

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I’m enrolled in online college for Game Development. More or less means that I get to study how to make games from their initial concept and design to the code and deployment. Management classes/team work classes are just as much of a cog in the system as the programming classes.

But, despite that, I’m definitely more interested in the programming.

This semester I’m in a 2D Game programming class. We’re taking the first leap into DirectX development and will end up making a fully functional game. With my apparent infatuation with mazes, I decided to make a top-down adventure style game with random mazes in them. Ergo, more mazes.

We’re not using C# like we were last semester, however. We’re back to the core C++ development. I decided to rewrite my code, once again.

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In an attempt to do something other than complain about how lazy I am, how about instead I depart some knowledge and attempt to learn more about programming concepts by explaining them? Sounds like fun, right?

Anyway, I’m currently in a class for college that revolves around C#. We’re doing a variety of things, including GUI design and such. Thus far I’ve learned a variety of things and figured I might try to share some of them.

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