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A while ago, I posted about a Maze generating program I had written. I initially wrote it in PHP, then moved it into C++ for a programming class assignment (but reduced the scale so it could be used as a “game” of sorts), then scaled it up and used the free CImg library to generate images with it. Recently, with my work with C#, I planned to rewrite it, yet again, as an interactive game of sorts. I’ve gotten some of it working so far, but there’s still a few issues I have to resolve.

But for now, let’s take a look at *how* we can generate a maze…

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In an attempt to do something other than complain about how lazy I am, how about instead I depart some knowledge and attempt to learn more about programming concepts by explaining them? Sounds like fun, right?

Anyway, I’m currently in a class for college that revolves around C#. We’re doing a variety of things, including GUI design and such. Thus far I’ve learned a variety of things and figured I might try to share some of them.

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