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Like the previous Facebook post, xfir Networks has also made a page on Google+.

A reminder to all that I am still offering to host blogs. If you’re interested, drop me a line and we’ll see about hooking you up.

Aside from that, not a whole lot is going on. Reason Rally is approaching (~136 days from this post) so perhaps we’ll see you there.

Projects for 2010

So in an attempt to better my life, I’ve begun to plan out projects I’d like to work on.

  1. School. I’ve enrolled in Westwood College Online for Game Software Development.
    • Since I work a night shift job, the classes being online is a great help. I can essentially spend the “dead” time at work studying and doing homework. It works out quite well, to be honest.
    • What’s nice about this field is that it also implies heavy IT work, meaning I can almost seamlessly transition between programming game engines and general IT work like C++ based applications.
  2. Site remix. I figure if I’m going to be practicing code, I might as well publish my results. In a sense, I suppose that means that I could actually *use* my website for something other than my ranting. In the end I hope I can maybe even create a full fledged project someone might use on a regular basis.
    • PHP site rewrite. Perhaps make more use of class based systems and make it more uniform in terms of what sort of coding I’m using. Make it more modular than it currently is.
    • Skin remake. Redo the skins to be more streamlined. I always seem to have issues regarding the content pages, as I end up adding additional elements I hadn’t initially planned for.
    • New sections. Obviously if I publish my work online, I would need sections for them. I do like the WordPress syndication onto front page thing I’m currently doing. Not sure if I would want to pull content from other bloggers or not.

Aside from that, the other subjects I have been ranting about lately.. well, I’ll save that for another time.

Death About

Updates suck so instead I’ll just ramble. In general, not much has changed on the site. It’s still pretty much as normal as it has been for the last 3 months or so. I could list things I should do (or want to do), but not entirely sure I could get the motivation to finish doing them (no motivation needed for.. some).

As far as WoW goes, still playing my DK on Undermine. With the addition of the new raid content, I keep somewhat busy on raid nights (25 mans on Tuesday-Thursday; 10 mans randomly thru the rest).

Still working at a local motel, night shift. Actually posting from the laptop I mentioned a while ago. I could potentially go for something higher up, but not sure.

Oh, I bought a projector. The Optoma HD20 is awesome. Bought a package deal, so got a fixed frame 92″ screen. Only issues I’m having at the moment would involve the top right corner of the screen. Left, bottom, and right sides are aligned pretty much perfectly. Top right corner bends upwards. It’s kinda odd. There’s also the issue that the included ceiling mount won’t really “fit” the projector. So I have it sitting on a table and as a result I’m sitting left of the center of the screen.

But aside from that, nothing really new..

Update? What update?

Almost a year goes by and I don’t update. Was it a busy year? Nope. Am I just lazy? (The joys of rhetorical questions.)

So, I guess I’ll give a run down of 11 months in verbatim:

Wrath of the Lich King: now have 3 80s (Bery, Dae, and Clexi), recently got a 2nd account for the Refer-a-Friend EXP bonus (300% is very nice), and finding how easy it is to get gold on a server you have nothing on.

Fallout 3: Wasn’t as expansive as I had thought it’d be. Guess I was still on the mindset Fallout 2 had where there’s a lot to explore and 99% of it is unique. Mob difficulty is mostly based on your level, so you can’t run into Enclave patrols until XX level.

Hardware: Upgraded main machine so I could run Fallout 3. Went with a Core 2 Duo @ ~3Ghz, 4GB RAM, WD Raptor 300GB drive, and a GTX 260. 2nd computer started having issues (was an AMD Athlon 64 X 2, I think, with a GeForce 8600 [which fried so I had to use a 6800 I had lying around]) where it wasn’t handling hard drives (Had two 1.5TB drives plus a 400GB) correctly (File system failures when the drive was fine). Put most of the parts from the first into the 2nd and rebuilt first with a Core i7 ~3.06Ghz, 6GB ram, the Raptor drive, and the GTX 260. Bought a $40 Sparkle GeForce 9400GT to use to replace the 6800 in the 2nd. 2nd runs everything fine but Direct3D is causing the card to flash black screens at me randomly. Think it’s probably the crappy card. 1st has run pretty much flawlessly since I built it.

Site: Recently got reported for spamming. Apparently a modification I had installed to one of my boards had a major security hole in it and my site was sending out massive amounts of spam email. Turned off register globals, nuked a bunch of scripts on my account, and updated the ones I decided to keep. Joys of owning domain names.

With that out of the way, I guess I’ll talk to ya’ll next year.

P.S. Birthday in 2 days.

Something about something or something

So yet again I am drawn to post. About what, I haven’t a faintest. But, aside from the petty and usually irrelevant drivel, I suppose I do have some minorities to report.

First, I nuked and reloaded the xfir Networks forum. Mostly due to the fact it was outdated. But secondary due to the fact I’m hosting a friend of mine’s “clan” so to speak–Kaotic Gaming Inc (talented group of gamers)–and have been doing more work with PunBB. It’s a good forum software I’ve been using since Invision board went pay-only. Plus it gives me a chance to screw around with PHP again.

Thus far I’ve done simple edits–people have made modifications like a private message system and whatnot. With my board, though, I get to do more. For instance, I implemented sub-forums, a feature I had on Invision boards and on Ikonboard before that. I may go further and implement something insane like an RPG system, but I don’t know yet.

Initially I released a “RegKey” mod for PunBB–one of it’s vices is that Bot registration is at an all time high.. one of my old WoW Guild forums I was hosting apparently became a link spam haven for bots… I’ve since removed it, but it did remind me that I need to be a tad more careful. I added the reCAPTCHA system to the forums and it seems to work well… better than my initial hack due to the manner I used to generate the keys. I knew about some of the flaws in the old system but didn’t bother to fix them.

Aside from that, I got a night-shift job at a local motel. Need to earn cash flow somewhere, I suppose. The nice thing about it is that I have 4-6 hours of “dead” time where I can just pretty much slack off. I purchased a laptop off Newegg which will arrive Wednesday… and as my luck would have it, the price dropped $50 2-3 days after I buy it. Joy.

That’s my update for the last, what, 2-3 months? No, I haven’t bothered to work on the logos despite needing to, and no I haven’t worked on a 3rd skin. As far as WoW goes, Bery is my latest 70. Not sure what will happen prior to Wrath, but you never know.

PS, Fallout 3.

Site Update

I fixed the issues MarkONE was having with the new version of Firefox. No more blank space. Using margins again, which I was always weary about using, but appears to be working fine.

I may redesign the logos of both MarkONE and draeBlood since they don’t seem to be as fluid with the layout as I would have liked. Ideas would be appreciated and art skill would be even better as I seem to have lost mine.

Also modified the blog page to show the last post from both hosted blogs.

In other news, I’ve been outleveling Moltzan (Moltzanlight) and James (Jimboby) in World of Warcraft. My newest character, Clexi, is as of this moment a level 48 Gnome Rogue. Servers are down so I decided to fix the site and work on some other misc. stuff.

That’s pretty much all I have to say for the moment. I’ll eventually get around to making that 3rd skin for the site as well. Maybe. Perhaps.

The Voice of Thought

How do you think? Do you think in English, German, or a universal language, such as math? Perhaps you think in code.. we all have a unique way of thinking.. but is there something that makes them unified?

I’m watching an anime by the name of Ergo Proxy. This anime contains enormous amounts of references to everything from religion (both ancient–such as Aztecs–to modern) to literature. The current episode places one of the characters in a book store.. but not so much a book store as an application of his own mind. All the books in this “store” are titled with the character’s name. The idea is relatively easy to grasp–your mind is like a library. Each memory is a book you can pull off the shelf and read. You need to know what you’re looking for before you can get the memory.

But it raises an interesting point.. how do we store those memories? My psychology book says that memory is stored with what you could call associative links.. words that can describe the event or memory are “hooked” into it and so when you retrieve that memory, you get a sometimes vague, sometimes precise representation.. all depends on the level of commitment you associated with it. But it did get me thinking.. do we think using our first language? Is the ability to think a product of language? Do you need to have a language to think?

The references the sub group (Shinsen-subs) placed at the end of the episode made references to Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “On the Origin of Languages” and how it traced a hypothetical history of language and how by needing to learn to speak to think, we inherently create a paradox. We must speak to think but we must think to speak. “…speech appears to have been necessary to establish the use of speech.”

It makes one wonder about the origin of our ability to think. Perhaps such is the nature of what one would call instincts. Pure instinct lets you live without the need to develop complex thought patterns. Instinct could be considered a type of “basic” thought–one that does not require speech. But that’s just speculation.

I guess that also makes me wonder about the Tower of Babylon. If we all at one time spoke the same language and tried to build a tower to God, why would he do such a thing as destroy our ability to think? I guess one could say he was enforcing the idea that knowledge is a sin. If you follow that trend than everyone is a sinner, even the Amish.

*shrug* Heaven looked kind of boring anyway.

The Eventual De-evolution of Man

What is man? What could possibly lead me to ask that question?

Such is the evidence of a doubt of one’s own existence. Do we need to know why we are here in order to be here? Is that something we must fulfill to exist? Some say the nature of existence is to find out why you exist. Do you exist? What justifies existence?

Questions are abound. False idealism attempts to clam them. Bringing ideas like “God” and “Sin” to “right” the majority. But when man succeeds to a new plane of thought, those idealisms are questioned. Only those blind to logic and simple orders continue to follow their “faith.” I guess it makes me wonder if those who are religious are of a lesser kind of man.

That’s bound to start a flame war, but so be it. You do it anyway. Every time someone errs in a way that defies the traditional bounds of the so-called morality, you call them less of a person. Pseudo-friend of mine (not really my friend but though networks of family and so on) got into a situation. He and a few of his “buddies” were drunk and ended up having sexual relations with an underage girl. She was 16 or 17, he and one of his friends were 18. (Of course news from the grape vine insinuated later that she was a whore–like 10+ guys that week) They got arrested and my pseudo-friend was charged with statutory rape. Thus, he has to register as a sexual offender at the police office anywhere he moves.

He was giving me a ride back to college one weekend and we were talking about that. He was saying about how he could go into a police office to register and the secretary at the front desk would be nice and kind at first but the moment you mention sexual offender they automatically assume you are the spawn of the devil and molested a kid… thus making you seem like less of a human.

So it brings me to question… what is a man? What constitutes being human? Following the rules and laws the “majority” assumed were just and fair? I guess that means no one is human.

So then, what are we?

My culinary masterpieces

Three things:

1. Pizza

Some premade pizza crust with sauce. Just cover crust with sauce and add toppings. Easy-mode. I put pepperoni, green pepper, onion, and mushrooms on it. Was surprisingly good for being made by a newbie.

2. Stir Fry

Kielbasa sausage, Bird’s Eye Pepper Stir Fry veggie mix (red, green, and yellow peppers and onion), penne noodles, chicken base, and topped with the same cheese I used on the pizza. Smelled good. Tasted.. well, it was good but was lacking in vegetables.

3. Level 70

Daex is now level 70. Onward with the grind to epic flying mount and gear that doesn’t absolutely suck!

That is all. Have a good one!

My developmental state

Okay, so I figure I should update this again. I think earlier I had an idea about what to write about, but now I’ve all but forgotten it.

In any event, Wednesday I made a pizza. I’ll upload a picture of it later. It was… okay. One of those could have been better type things.

As far as World of Warcraft goes, my mage is level 66 (for the last 20 minutes or so). Aside from that, pick-up groups still fail to surprise me in their ability or lack thereof. I guess that’s the way it goes.. apparently this server is 3:1 Alliance to Horde ratio, which explains the lack of any good groups.

With that set, I’ll be off. Have a good one.