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G.E.A.R.S. :: Order

I’m odd. I suppose that requires further insight.

I am logical. Or at least I’d like to think I am. I’ll be posting a gear about logic later, but for now, know that I typically follow the logical outcome. If A then B else C. Basic stuff.

But I do not follow order. I’m terrible at strategy games. I don’t plan ahead, which is strange for logical people. Typically you’d surmise that if they are logical and can correctly gauge a situation based on observable evidences, they should have some sort of order. I do not. I tend to make plans only to either forget them or ignore them. I’m quite adept at living without a plan.

Which is probably my downfall. I can’t plan ahead. Chess, for example, brings me amazing moves. I recall once when I was playing Chess in study hall in high school (it was considered a mind activity so the teacher allowed it) that I put my opponent in a situation he could not readily escape. My knight would either take his Queen or his King. How did I arrive at that point? I have no idea. Did I plan that? No. I just found myself in that particular situation.

As Woody Allen said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” What does that mean for me? I suppose logically it would set me into a predicament. It would mean that because I don’t follow order and plans, I miss specific deadlines to “show up” and therefore aren’t as successful as I could be.

Or it means that he was incorrect and that success should be measured not by what you have or can do, but rather how you feel about it. What good is success if you don’t feel you earned it?

Moving on, what does order mean, exactly? Order means finding a place for everything and having everything in a place. I suppose I could say that my current arrangement of my living area is ordered in such a way I can find what I need with a certain amount of effort (in layman’s terms: mess) but does that mean I need to enforce an order on it? I suppose I could say I like a definite observable degree of entropy. It makes life.. lively. Of course it also means I can’t find anything I want immediately but typically the systems I would employ to sustain some form of order fail after I fail to meet them.

I lose the order of my order, I suppose I could say. I wouldn’t really say the same about my file system. I have a pretty good idea where everything is, unlike my living space.

I suppose I could say that my work is more ordered than my life. That’s rather broad terms though and a tad of a misnomer. My “work” as it currently stands is not ordered. I work as a night shift front desk clerk at a motel. I show up 10 to 15 minutes late everyday. The other drones whom I work with do the same. There’s not much order there. There is one exception, who shows up exactly on the dot. But she also works at a bank, so I suppose that’s why.