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Projects for 2010

So in an attempt to better my life, I’ve begun to plan out projects I’d like to work on.

  1. School. I’ve enrolled in Westwood College Online for Game Software Development.
    • Since I work a night shift job, the classes being online is a great help. I can essentially spend the “dead” time at work studying and doing homework. It works out quite well, to be honest.
    • What’s nice about this field is that it also implies heavy IT work, meaning I can almost seamlessly transition between programming game engines and general IT work like C++ based applications.
  2. Site remix. I figure if I’m going to be practicing code, I might as well publish my results. In a sense, I suppose that means that I could actually *use* my website for something other than my ranting. In the end I hope I can maybe even create a full fledged project someone might use on a regular basis.
    • PHP site rewrite. Perhaps make more use of class based systems and make it more uniform in terms of what sort of coding I’m using. Make it more modular than it currently is.
    • Skin remake. Redo the skins to be more streamlined. I always seem to have issues regarding the content pages, as I end up adding additional elements I hadn’t initially planned for.
    • New sections. Obviously if I publish my work online, I would need sections for them. I do like the WordPress syndication onto front page thing I’m currently doing. Not sure if I would want to pull content from other bloggers or not.

Aside from that, the other subjects I have been ranting about lately.. well, I’ll save that for another time.