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Self Conclusion, Part V

Last time, I thought I had reached a point. A point where I wasn’t really sure if it was the end. Since then, I’ve realized that relationships aren’t nearly as pristine as they appear. I had thought relationships were based on a balance, one I tried to find in Part III. I didn’t find it and I didn’t have the understanding I have now of how relationships should work. Relationships are about conflict resolution. Relationships are about hypocrisy. Relationships are about.. finding what you can live without. I don’t think there is an equilibrium.

People live in dreams. They aren’t fully aware they do, but they do. They make dreams up as they go, making sure they can find some motivation to move forward. This motivation is a dream. You could call them goals, I suppose.. but that’s just word play. Depending on how much a person lives in this dream world tells you how sane they really are. People who always dream are never really awake, and those who never dream never sleep. Where am I on this dream-scale? I’m not sure. I’m not sure if this is reality or merely a dream. I’m tempted to think I’m closer to reality than some, but perhaps I’m closer to a dream than anything else. It’s hard to really know.

So what does this have to do with relationships? Hypocrisy and dreams. People don’t want to admit they live in a dream. They don’t want to admit that the fluffy little cloud they sit on is in fact a rock hurtling toward a burning inferno. It’s better to picture it as a cloud, lazily drifting along some quiet meadow. It makes life better. Seeing harsh reality is harder. But perhaps I’m deflecting. Avoiding the question. People don’t like to know they are dreaming. People like to think they are seeing reality.

I was faced with a conundrum when I first started writing this 5 days ago. I had thought there might have still been a chance for this to work. But that isn’t the case any more.

It’s weird how it ends up working out. I suppose some story would help clear the air. She decided she needed a new headset as the one she was using was basically broken. She asked me for advice about which one she should order. I linked her a few and she picked the wireless one I was using. Nothing wrong with that.

It arrived on a Monday. I had gotten off a night shift and was staying up longer than I should have. I had gotten new anime and had decided to watch it. That and I was running around the house doing various things so I wasn’t always at my computer.

So she apparently got the headset and hooked it up, then immediately jumped on vent with her brother to test it. Apparently the mic sounded horrible. Or at least that’s the opinion I got from reading the MSN conversation she was having with me. I called her on Skype, she refused to answer. I was basically trying to help, trying to see what the issue with the mic was and perhaps offer suggestions. You don’t pay so much for something that doesn’t work right. Maybe I wasn’t clear that I wanted to help. I was slightly hurt by that. It’s not like I haven’t assembled computers before. It’s not like I haven’t figured out issues on computers before. Guess my opinion means nothing.

Then she says something like “the only reason I bought it for was vent.” Hypocrisy leaking through. Guess the “hours on Skype talking to me” doesn’t mean anything. Guess it goes both ways.

Well, it’s over now. Guess I’m single. There will be no continuation to this story. This is the…

Forgone conclusion…

So it’s not over. It was “miss communication.” She thought I was being irritable and decided to leave me alone. She apparently wasn’t in a good mood that day. Did I think it was over because of a headset? No. I had thought it was over because each time this happens, it gets worse and worse. I thought she was mad at me, she thought I was mad at her.. I was hurt, she was hurt..

I don’t know.

I may take a different tact. She reads this, so I can’t really lay the idea out. All I can say is that I am rather sick of this mock war between us. I said to take it down a notch, on the relationship level. What does that mean? Well, I suppose it means for the time being we should just be friends. I didn’t say that to her directly, though. I guess I should make sure we can be friends before escalating back into the “couple” label.

… (to be continued)

Self Fulfillment, Part IV

“Forgive and forget” what a novel concept. “Compromise” doesn’t seem to be in my dictionary.

It’s ironic. 4 hours ago, I had thought there was a chance this could still work. I guess I was thinking in my head that guilds could be like sports teams, you could be a fan of one but still be able to get along with a fan of a rival. I guess it doesn’t work that way. I had thought that even though we didn’t share a commonality (i.e. WoW guilds/servers), we could still make it work through other means. As she so aptly brought up in her comment, yes we did share several sessions on Skype just talking about whatever. We did have common interests through other venues. But it would seem the thing that I so thick headed focused on would be exactly what she’d use to chop.

“Well good luck with life, hope it’s a good one.” I don’t care how you read that, it still holds the same bearing. Perhaps I’m not strong enough to say what needs to be said. Perhaps I’m the weak one. I suppose it comes down to some basic questions:

1. Do I want to raid with her? You know I really don’t know how to answer that. I’m never really too sure about a player’s ability.. I tend to adapt by what others say and when grouping with them what they are capable of doing. I don’t form opinions about their ability cause it’s all subjective. I could form relativistic connections, like this player is good at managing so and so. Therefore I can’t really say if I’d want to raid with them based on that. Would I want to raid with someone who I have an emotional attachment to? I guess I’m not too sure about that either. Guess I’d rather keep my WoW connections more anonymous. Keep them compartmentalized. Cause I don’t know if I ever will need to break them. I try not to piss people off. I hear that I’m a nice guy. Decent player. Do I believe that? I don’t go out of my way to do nice things, I just keep a calm and generally collected demeanor and try to be polite. Going beyond that..? I just don’t know. I kind of end up in an odd situation.. I don’t know how to handle those sorts of emotions.

2. Did I make myself clear? The first time, no. The second time, apparently no. I suppose you could say the first time was a mistake on my part. I took her view of the guild and further deepened it. MO has a bad reputation because of the loud mouths in it. But MO has good people in it. People who, given the right circumstances, are nice and polite. But that’s not the portrait others paint. No, they bring up the trolling done by a few of the members (who for the life of me I don’t understand why are still in the guild, as they don’t raid with us) or the issues that some of the members cause (like loot issues on pick-up group raids). Some of the people are really good people. People who are being unfairly biased against. So with the initial opinion she had of MO, I took it further down by focusing on some of the negative thing these people do. Not really a wise move on my part, I admit. The second time, I guess I wasn’t fully clear on my intentions. I love(d) this girl and decided I’d like to be with her and that by staying in MO I was being full of myself. So I figured if she was going to transfer, I’d transfer with her. But my clarity on saying I’d do that apparently wasn’t clear enough. Apparently I’m vague and take back roads to say things. I’m currently ignoring her to type this. Cause I think she won’t listen to anything I have to say anyway. She’s already made her mind up.

3. Was the fate of this all really based on my decision about a hypothetical? I don’t get it. I, as a guy, operate on logic. Which apparently doesn’t work when the other person is a girl. So I’m supposed to rely on some emotional core which I don’t really know if I have. I, basically an organic computer in my eyes, am supposed to rely on something I have no control over, no understanding of, and no possible concept of. I’d like to have a rational conversation with a female, but doesn’t seem to happen. I tend to read into things. She tends to read into things. But she can’t read into my basic “Hey let’s raid together” messages after I basically admit that I’m a thick headed jerk who is staying with MO to pad my ego? Guess it only works when she’s mad. And she’s probably mad now.

4. Where do I go from here? I don’t really know. If it’s over, and I’m assuming it is just based on that tone, I don’t think I’ll ever really love again. I’ll use rationality to attempt to tone down the pain I’m sure will come and come out even more broken than I am now. If it’s not over, she’ll get mad at me for thinking it is. Either way I think I lose. I don’t really think you can win at relationships. I think there’s only one door. Friend of mine told me that his girlfriend has forgiven him countless times–too many to count. Does that imply true love? I suppose I should ask what level of forgiveness those actions required. Did you basically in a roundabout way tell her you don’t want to play a game with her? What level of emotional impact does that carry? I guess it’s partially my fault cause I was running out of ideas to talk about.. so I brought up an unfinished argument. Poor move on my part. Any would be lovers out there, take some heed: don’t do anything that pops in your head. It’s wrong. Or at least I’d like to think it’s wrong. But I am a man of logic, and logic is god.

I suppose on the positive note, I have been updating this more often. Course the subject of it is up for debate.

If she doesn’t forgive me and it truly is over, then I’ll be looking for someone to kick me in the ass so I can keep up on my course work in this upcoming jaunt into school. If she does forgive me, perhaps I’m not as bad of a person as I think I currently am.

Only the internet can tell..