The Color of Monotony

Jade pushed her short curly hair behind her head in another futile attempt to keep the wind from blowing it across her eyes. She was walking towards a waiting Gulf stream V. As she neared the plane the handsome Mossad agent next to her pulled towards him.

“You have to get this to the president, he’s the only one that can stop Israel from starting a nuclear war with the Middle East.” Benjamin-Avi said as he handed her a burned DVD.

Jade looked into Benjamin-Avi’s dark eyes and tried to push off the tears that burned into her eyes. “I’m so worried about you, this is high treason.”

They stood at the bottom of the plane’s steps, he put his hands behind her head and pulled her into a deep kiss. His stubble tickling he skin as she passion began to build inside her.

“Get on that plane, this is bigger than both of us and you know it. I’ll be fine.” He gave her a warm smile and pushed her up the stairs. On board she sank into one of the plush leather chairs and watched as he walked away, she felt such sadness as the plane taxied onto the runway and began speeding up for take off. She noticed a buzzing sound getting louder as the plane lifted from the runway.


Jade woke up in the same manner she always did, feeling like her empty life was starting again for a new day. She rolled out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom for a hot shower, basically the highlight of her day until 4:00 rolled around and she could leave the job she’d grown to hate.

Standing under the hot water she considered the dream she’d had. It was the fourth time she’d dreamed about being some sort of spy on an important mission, this was unique in that she had a mysterious man in her dream. Jade read somewhere that everyone in your dreams is someone we’ve seen in our waking life, she wouldn’t have minded at all if she saw Benjamin-Avi in her every day life.

When the shower began to run cold she turned off the water, toweled off and walked into back to her bedroom. The clock showed she had about 15 minutes until she needed to be headed to work. She ate some breakfast and put on her usual work clothes of slacks and a button up shirt.

She plunked down in her Honda Civic and fought the urge to call in sick, she was ready so might as well endure another day.

Her drive was uneventful, despite her wishes that someone would hit her, just so her day would be different.

Jade arrived at her work, where she was an assistant to the HR manager. Her company handled hiring and other human resource services for other companies that were too lazy to have their own, it did always strike Jade as odd that such a company would exist. She mainly dealt with filing paperwork and making phone calls to new hires for the other companies so she could fill in any missing information in the system. Her boss was, for lack of a better term, a complete bitch. She hailed from western Texas and never let her accent get lost in the Denver area where she worked. Jade often had fantasies about her boss just not showing up for work, possibly due to an extremely unfortunate set of circumstances that brought about her death.

For the most part her job was okay, some of her coworkers were nice enough and they’d hung out outside of work but Jade knew the only thing really keeping them social with each other was their co-worker status. She longed for more permanent friends, ever since she’d left college early she’d had a hard time making more personal relationships.

At around 10 a.m. Jade’s boss gave her some stupid assignment to rework a form that clients were having a hard time filling out. She looked around and quickly went over to her picasa account online and clicked to a picture that always made her smile a little.

The picture showed a man from the side, he was giving the camera a glance as he tried to put a sushi roll that was falling apart into his mouth. His curly blond hair was pulled into a black bandana and his blue eyes had a mischievous look in them. The man’s name is Vasilly Amelin, and the three weeks that Jade spent with him were the happiest of her life. She met him while she was working one morning. Jade had once worked as a barista at a local cafe to earn some extra money.

His accent caught her off guard and it wasn’t clear at first what he wanted to order. Jade asked the mysterious man to clarify and he repeated himself while laughing. Rather than become frustrated, he thought the curly haired girl over the counter was remarkably cute. Jade delivered the drink to the Russian’s table and she was then introduced to the handsome man, also with curly hair, named Vasilly. He was quite the talker and the usually shy Jade was able to maintain a conversation with this customer much longer than five minutes. When Vasilly was about to leave, he tossed a piece of paper on the counter. It was just a receipt but when Jade turned it over, a phone number was scrawled across it.

Jade didn’t know what to say but after an hour of staring at the digits on he phone screen, called up the boy from the cafe. Vasilly answered and said, “Hello?”After what seemed like a moment of silent that was far too long, Jade said “Hello as well.” Thankfully, Vasilly was the opposite of awkward and had a multitude of suggestions on how to meet next. The two young adults spent many evenings at the lake next to a toasty campfire. They also swam in the lake and fished, and of course drink many concoctions of alcohol. Jade learned firsthand that it was true that Russians drink vodka like water. Jade could never keep up with Vasilly. If she did, she would probably be dead without an ounce of Russian blood in her.

For 3 weeks, Jade would work and smile the entire time, anticipating the moment she clocked out in order to spend the evening at the lake with her newfound lover. Customers noticed her obvious change of attitude and remarked they could tell how happy she was. Jade felt happy but didn’t realize the entire world could tell as well. Jade and Vasilly trekked among many trails on countless hikes. On their last weekend unbeknownst to Jade, they had found an empty park ranger’s cabin unlocked. The adventurous due crept inside in case anyone would suddenly discover their presence. The cabin appeared to be abandoned, not even any furniture remained.

Vasilly suggested staying the night. Jade consented, thankful she had brought a sweatshirt in case the weather shifted to cooler weather. That night was near as perfect as perfect can get. Vasilly caught a fish from the lake and cooked it with a campfire. He was such as wild man, strong and knew how to get things done, quite admirable really. Or maybe it just seemed impressive to Jade in person rather than watching survivalists on shows such as on Discovery Channel. Although not sure when he had time to, Jade found herself surprised with a bouquet of fragrant flowers collected by Vasilly. That night, Vasilly and Jade held hands and watched the night sky to point out all the constellations they knew and the occasional “shooting star.” When Jade’s eyes could barely stay shut, Vasilly carried her inside the cabin. Jade knew this because she felt him carry her but she just wanted to enjoy the moment rather than say anything at all. The last thing she remembers is Vasilly wrapping her arm around her.

Jade awoke to the song of birds chirping. Something immediately seemed wrong. For the first time, she had experience an unusual dream. She had heard a loud sound like a plane engine … but unfortunately when the birds startled her, the rest of the dream quickly faded. Well she assumed it was a dream anyways. There certainly could not be a plane that low to the ground in the middle of nowhere. Jade turned around to ask Vasilly if there really could be and turned around to floorboard that only contained dust bunnies, not a glint of the blond man who she had been so close to – physically and emotionally – less than a few hours ago. But there was something irregular about the purported emptiness of the cabin. Near the doorway was a piece of paper with marks, presumably from graphite rocks, that said: